The Paint Box

Color theory garden, coming Spring 2021, NoCo Arts Center, Jeffersonville, Indiana

“Project Uplift”, Clark Memorial Health, Jeffersonville, IN 4710

This work was a collaboration among Tammy M. Burke, Phillip Collins, Jennie DiBenneditto, Lisa Fowler, Malliccaii Green, Greg Rush, and Sarah Young. In the summer of 2020, The team devised a survey for healthcare workers to complete about how they were coping with the stress of the pandemic. Themes emerged, with significant overlap is feelings and coping mechanisms. Words were pulled from the survey and these agamographs were built. As you pass by the work, the negative side is taken over by the positive side, or vice versa, to reflect the up and down nature of living and working through the pandemic. The work was meant to acknowledge pain and stress, reflect the unity of healthcare workers, and to remind them of ways to work through the negative.

Powered by Creativity Utility Box

The concept for this box was a piece of interior furniture placed outside and animals overtake it and its contents. The elephant was an addition made on site due to the handle of the box. The small box on top was also transformed on the spot into a jewelry box. It was meant to be playful and seen up close, being right next to a side walk. Incidentally, the utility part of the box failed and the box was replaced. It is now in the collection of the Clark County Museum.